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Cingomma - 85245 - bærekraftig belte


Cingomma decided to produce something beautiful starting from what already exist. For this reason we decided to use materials that for others has no longer a value. Cingomma looks for and brings back to life the industry used or rejected tires. Every tire is undergone a careful wash cycle to be then handcrafted to rekindle each unique type of tread, each one with its own past, contributing to protect the planet. Our way to think recycle is not t o give uo the new but rather the discovery of a new beauty. For this reason each belt goes through a design study as of its most appropriate buckle, made in italy, to exhalt its personality. Every belt is one of a kind for its tone of color, tread of tire and the life it has travelled. Our discovery of beauty does not stop with the belts, even their packaging is the result of the care we apply to our production. The innovative design of our packaging boxes, created from recycled paper and without any type of glue, allows the straight view of the belt and its intrinsic characteristics.